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  • Renyin Mid-autumn Festival, JIUJIN trademark rises on the occasion of the festival induction day

            In the Mid-Autumn Festival of Renyin, the trademark of JIUJIN rises naturally in response to the festive season, cultivating the humanistic spirit and enriching it. The so-called "the great virtue of heaven and earth is called birth", which is the birth of all things in nature and the great JiuJin in the future.


          The custom of viewing the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival originated in the early Tang Dynasty. The moon viewing, eating moon cakes, lantern riddles under the moon, viewing flowers under the moon, drinking and watching the moon, etc., were carried out around the moon and moonlight, which gave rise to a feeling of reunion. The picture of "Under the Moonlight" depicts the bright moonlight, lush vegetation, and layers of pavilions. One corner of the scene captures the imagery of the sky, the earth, and people into the painting. Maybe it's just a mediocre night in the ordinary years, but nowadays it affects the mind, and the lights of thousands of homes , The scene of the reunion of the fire tree and silver flowers looms in front of you. The Mid-Autumn Festival, which unfolds with elements such as the moon, poetry, music, and wine, is a festival of reunion with the dance of the phoenix and the phoenix. In "Mid-Autumn Moon", Bai Juyi borrowed elements such as jade rabbits to express his thoughts under the moon: "As many people have broken hearts, the jade rabbits and silver toads are far from unknown", elements such as jade rabbits, flowers, and silver toads are included in the painting, and they are written with subtle knowledge, and they are conveyed by the hazy moonlight. express.

          The Mid-Autumn Festival is the beginning of the month, and the ends of the earth will be appreciated. JIUJIN wishes everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy family!

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