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  • Shanghai Jiujin was founded in 2015, adhering to the belief of "doing high-end weight instruments, having the right to speak in the world", founded the Jiujin brand, mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales, technology and other related business services of weight instruments, with "quality", "integrity", "sharing" as the goal, customer-oriented, adhering to the path of integrated enterprise development. The products mainly include all kinds of weights and instruments.

    The company's weight instrument products cast iron weights, stainless steel weights, brass weights supply many enterprises and units of measurement, and have been recognized by many experts, Jiujin quality, perfection, for the weight measurement escort.

    The company focuses on product research and development, cast iron weights, stainless steel weights, brass weights, have been exported to many overseas countries, to solve the domestic and foreign metering weight contribution.

    Cast iron weight
    Lock type stainless steel weights
    Cylindrical stainless steel weights
    Nucleic acid remover
    Single and double hook stainless steel weights
    C-shaped stainless steel weights
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